Coin Full Name: OVCODE
Coin Abbreviation: OVC

Max Supply: 83, 875, 000
최대 공급량 : 83, 875, 000

Token Allocation:

Token Classification: Utility Token

For the last 2 years, we have seen multiple cryptocurrencies erratically change in value in a short period of time. Some of these coins are very entity dependent adding more value volatility. A number are backed with projects that are not fully finished, and have no running real world use case.

OVCODE realized that we could not rely on third party Cryptocurrency. Thus, we decided to create our own Cryptocurrency called OVCOIN (OVC), the utility token of the OVCODE infrastructure. The OVCOIN is focused on full regulation compliance, where trust and reliability is its core.

OVCOIN or OVC is a utility token and is the only medium of payment for OVCODE transactions. OVCOIN will be used for the following:

OVCoin 또는 OVC는 유틸리티 토큰이며 OVCODE 거래(transaction)에 대한 유일한 지불 수단입니다. OVCoin은 다음과 같은 경우에 사용됩니다.

OVCOIN或OVC是实用程序代币,是OVCODE唯一支付媒介交易。 OVCOIN将用于以下方面:

  1. Asset Registration
  2. OVCODE Blockchain Publishing
  3. OVCODE Verification
  4. Advertisement Sponsored Features
  5. 자산 등록
  6. OVCODE 블록 체인 출판
  7. OVCODE 검증
  8. 광고 후원 기능
  9. 资产登记
  10. OVCODE区块链发布
  11. OVCODE验证
  12. 广告赞助功能

OVCOIN is an ERC20 token and has a finite supply.

OVCoin은 ERC20 토큰이며 유한 공급합니다.


During registration to OVCODE, the user is created a loadable OVCOIN wallet. Upon completion of function processes, users will be redirected to the payment page and will be prompted to pay via OVCOIN. OVCODE will deduct the payment amount to the user’s OVCOIN wallet. Verification costs are fixed for every publishing institution. OVCOIN payment will be converted to the fixed payment depending on the current OVCOIN market value.

OVCODE에 등록하는 동안 사용자는 로드 가능한 OVCoin 지갑을 생성합니다. 기능 프로세스가 완료되면 사용자가 지불 페이지로 리디렉션(redirected)되고 OVCoin을 통해 지불하도록 즉각 처리됩니다. OVCODE는 결재 금액을 사용자의 OVCoin지갑에서 공제합니다. 검증 비용은 모든 출판 기관에 대해 고정되어 있습니다. OVCoin지불은 현재 OVCoin 시장 가격에 따라 고정 결재로 변환됩니다.

在注册到OVCODE期间,用户被创建一个可加载的OVCOIN钱包。完成功能流程后,用户将被重定向到付款页面,并将被提示通过OVCOIN付款。 OVCODE将扣除付款金额给用户的OVCOIN钱包。每个出版机构的验证成本都是固定的。 OVCOIN付款将根据当前的OVCOIN市场价值转换为固定付款。

Institutions can project possible usage and buy OVCOINs in bulk. Users now have the option to buy from the publishing organization or buy directly from OVCODE.

OVCOIN having finite token supply, a projected global infinite market demand, and an immutable Blockchain technology as a vehicle, will increase in value over time and immune to inflation.

OVCODE IS AN AWARD WINNING VERIFICATION ENGINE. OVCODE verifies authenticity, reliability, and integrity of data using Blockchain technology. Visit

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