OVCODE Switzerland Launches First Blockchain Verification Engine for Digital and Physical Assets

Verification is an increasingly needed element of trust, in both business and private, as content and data continue to be produced and transmitted across every area of life. OVCode is launching a blockchain based asset verification platform to meet this need, adding a layer of assurance and trust to prevent corrupted copies, frauds, and fakes.

Zurich, Switzerland — May 22nd 2018, OVCODE is set to shake-up a wide range of sectors — from the entertainment industry, to business, all the way to even government institutions — with their release as a decentralized, global asset verification engine. Built upon blockchain technology, OVCODE makes it possible to protect and verify the existence, ownership, validity, and history global assets. The implications of such a system are far reaching, with the technology already being implemented across the world. Being built upon the principles of immutability, as made possible by the emergence of the blockchain, OVCODE has re-established an essential element of progress in our digital age: TRUST.

Everything from digital, intangible, and even representations of physical assets can all be made verifiable and auditable — protecting assets from fraud and corruption at both the human and digital levels.

This is real-world change, and this is just the start. OVCODE is well positioned to provide for an increasingly vital and near-infinite demand for asset protection and verification on a global scale.

This protection ranges from assets owned physically, to even those sent or received over the internet — and guards against mistakes, fakes, and fraud — and even protects against inadvertent corruption that can occur in assets storage and transmission. This includes everything from digital files like documents, pictures, music, and video content; to less tangible assets such as copyrights, patents, and insurance policies; to the representations of physical assets like property titles, vehicle registration, gold certificates and more. All made verifiable with OVCODE, providing individuals, businesses, and even governments with formidable proof of existence, authenticity, and ownership of all their assets.

Without doubt, the need for a global means of protection and verification of vital data and assets is increasing. OVCODE has established the technology to meet that need, proven its viability, and now works to see the day when everything is verifiable, allowing each and every human transaction to be conducted with safety and ease. Simply put: OVCODE is built to become the digital seal of trust for your protection in the digital world.

Blockchain Verification Engine
Digital Seal of Trust
Contact: support@ovcode.com

OVCODE IS AN AWARD WINNING VERIFICATION ENGINE. OVCODE verifies authenticity, reliability, and integrity of data using Blockchain technology. Visit ovcode.com

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