These are the following functions of OVCODE:

  1. Account Management with Digital Signature OVCODE code provides management consoles for accounts mapped to its corresponding digital signature. Apart from individual users, OVCODE offers Organization category that has the ability to create sub-admins and users. Each active account is also created a wallet to be used to pay for OVCODE transactions.
  2. 2. Cryptographic Hashing OVCODE uses cryptographic hashing techniques like SHA-256 to generate one-way hashes for entity input. With its service centered approach, OVCODE ‘Generate Hash’ function can be integrated to any existing front-end or backend systems.
  3. 3. Blockchain Publishing After hash generation, OVCODE publishes the hash to the OVCODE Blockchain network, along with other related information such as: Publisher/Owner (wallet address), DateTime, hash, Transaction code, and other defined parameters.
  4. 4. Blockchain Verification Provided the original entity published, OVCODE matches that given entity to the published data in the OVCODE Blockchain network. You can either scan or enter entity representations, such as: a barcode, an alphanumeric code or a QR, or upload the original entity itself.
  5. 5. Developer Console OVCODE open its APIs and documentation so other developers can build on top of OVCODE. Developers can easily sign up with OVCODE and have access to the APIs and documentation.
  6. 6. Payment Each account is mapped to a wallet. Wallet functions are available for all OVCODE users. You can either load or spend for paid OVCODE transactions.
  7. 7. Transaction Confirmation (Mining) Every transaction in the OVCODE Blockchain network is confirmed through mining. OVCODE uses a combination of cloud and on-premise mining. No data is permanently published without being mined.

OVCODE IS AN AWARD WINNING VERIFICATION ENGINE. OVCODE verifies authenticity, reliability, and integrity of data using Blockchain technology. Visit

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